About Us
Our organization brings member companies together to share collective experiences and capabilities to address our common issues.
We have strength in speaking with one voice to industry stakeholders including local, state, and federal legislators and regulators.
We provide self-policing guidelines for appropriate and responsible advertising and promotion of our products.
We provide a public voice for our member companies on issues of mutual interest.
We work and coordinate with other beverage alcohol trade associations to ensure our perspective is heard across the industry.
We are represented by senior executives of our member companies at our meetings to ensure richness of dialogue and that decisions can be made at our meetings.

Matt Dogali

President / CEO

Matt Dogali is the President and CEO of the Presidents’ Forum of the Distilled Spirits Industry.

The Presidents’ Forum is a group of leading companies with common interests in manufacturing, importing, and marketing distilled spirits products in the United States and around the world. The member companies represent about 55% of all distilled spirits sales in the United States.

Prior to joining the Presidents’ Forum, Matt served as the Senior Director of State Legislative Affairs for the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Tobacco Retailers Association. Originally from New York City, he lived in Southern California for several years before moving to Washington, D.C. Matt studied Economics at the University of Southern California, where he completed his bachelor’s degree. Throughout his time working in politics, he has worked on several campaigns including Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s Presidential campaign, Governor Jim Gilmore’s Senate campaign, and John McCain’s Presidential campaign. Prior to his work at IPCPR, Matt spent five years as a State Liaison at the National Rifle Association. During his time at NRA, Matt actively represented members’ interests in state capitols across the United States, hosted several NRA University education programs, and participated in several expert panels on local firearm issues.

Matt and his wife, Lindsey, and daughter, Lily, live in Arlington, Virginia. As a motorcycle enthusiast and shooting sportsman, Matt spends much of his free time on the track or in the field. He is actively involved in several DC area organizations, including his local area motorcycle club, the Washington Area State Relations Group, and the Metropolitan Washington Mensa chapter